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We got a knock on our door at 6:30 am from the hotel staff saying we needed to leave ASAP due to one of the small rivers flooding into the main river. At some point earlier that morning the street in front of the hotel had flooded and we needed to go to higher ground in case it kept raining and flooded again. We went to a cafe and were told just to wait there and see what the train situation will be like. We were schedule to leave that day anyways, but they had canceled all trains at this moment. Later around lunch we were told there will be only one train, but it could not make it to the train station due to the fact it had flooded too. Laura and I stood out in the rain to sign up for this train and then all of us went to the Soccer field to wait till we could get on the train. We had to hike outside the town and across a half destroyed bridge to get to the train. Here are pictures of the mayhem of us leaving Machu Picchu.


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