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Peruvian Food and other mentions

To wrap up this wild trip I would like to say thank you to the tour company we used. It is called Peru for Less or Latin America for Less. They hire local people, so you get the best experience. Our guides were Ines, Fabricio, Ivan, Peter, and Maycol. Also thank you to the drivers to deal with the crazy traffic. I would never be caught driving there! I am sure I missed some stuff about the trip. I didn't even talk about where the Shaman lived. We did go there but he took his dad and left due to covid19. I was almost bitten by a Tapier. Lots of stuff happened. So on to the food pictures! The food was top notch and very affordable. The most expensive dish was Roasted Cuy or maybe some fancy Alpaca Steak dish. They ran about 15 USD. Alpaca was probably my favorite meat I tried on the trip. Roasted Cuy was actually really good and did not taste like anything I have ever had before. Food picture time!

This is Quinoa Ice Cream!

A beautiful Quinoa salad.

Alpaca meat with veggies

Roasted Cuy!! YUM!

Eating chocolate from the tree in the Jungle.

Alpaca Steak!

Our cute little lunch box on the way to the Jungle.


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