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Peru Part 2

So after Cusco we went to the Sacred Valley where it is like a spiritual retreat. The first stop was kind of like a retirement area and the second was kinda of a multipurpose area. The Incas did not finish this area before the Spanish arrived. We then made it to Aguascalientes, which is the town at the base of Machu Picchu. This was the past two days. We go back to Manchu Picchu tomorrow to walk around but without a guide. In between all of this I had Guinea Pig twice(fried and roasted), went to a butter sanctuary, some shopping, etc…. I can actually say we did “Trains Planes and Automobiles” after today.

This is the gravesite where they mummified the bodies and put them on the side of the hill. It is the small holes.

Here is the Sun Temple.

If you look closely you can see the Condor and it’s wings behind it. This Temple was often used as sacrifice say with Llamas.

A baby Llama that was born just one week ago. There are around 16 Llamas that live there.


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