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So this is actually the 7th day of our trip, but the internet has been very spotty the first two days and basically no internet in the jungle. We are now in Cusco which is a mountain town that is around 10,000 feet in elevation. I think I am just going to share some photos and keep this pretty short and sweet. The first couple of photos are in Lima. Then the jungle area called Tambopata. For right now I am just going to try and upload a few pictures while making a gallery later.

Here is our guide Luis showing us parts of Lima from a church tower.

we only spent one full day in Lima before heading to the Amazon. The first picture here is of the Macaws eating on the river. We had to take a hour bus ride and then a hour boat ride into the Jungle where we stayed.

Here is a view from our room. No nets or wall to enjoy wildlife and misquotes up close and personal. We did have nets for the beds.

Next we have some images of the sun setting over the Amazon and River.

One day we went to a Lake near the river and had Marcus boat us around for some photos of the birds and fishing. Even feed the Caman.

Also we got up at 4am for this trip and then we got up another day to see the sunrise over the Amazon. We also saw Howler Monkeys beside us in another tower waking up. FYI we also had the best tour guide in the whole world. Inez was the best. She had to put up with me and Riley the whole time! Truly amazing human being!

So I do have lots more to tell and images but they are on my phone and I’m having a hard time syncing photos but stay tuned for more:)

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